I always wanted to be at the top.

What I’ve realized now through the years of trying to learn every skill we have in from muscle ups to freestanding HSPU, trying to keep up with younger, fitter, and more skilled athletes is that I am not going on the top as an athlete. So who I am in the gym? I am the motivator.

If I’m right along side the ladies in the MOVE class or throwing some weight around with 5:30pm class I’m trying to get someone to work a little harder or move a little faster, even while I’m doing my own workout. If I look at who I see myself as in the gym it is aligns right with why I opened Pepper Fitness almost 4 years ago. To help people have 60 minutes of their day where they don’t have to worry about anything. The outside world will be there when we’re done, so forget about it while you in the gym.

Who are you in the gym?

Reply back and let me know