Each week Friday comes and goes like most other days. But for us it Friday is just little bit better than the other days. On Friday’s we celebrate!! We celebrate the brights spots from the past week. Why? Why do we celebrate bright spots? My friend and mentor Chris Cooper said it best “Motivation means desire. The science of motivation is the science of success. That’s why I study motivation more than I study exercise technique. After more than 20 years as a coach, I know the selection of exercises is secondary to your desire to perform them.

Here’s what we know about motivation:

  1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated
  2. Success has to KEEP happening.
  3. We don’t always recognize success when it happens. We’re pretty hard on ourselves.

Good gyms provide access. Great gyms provide success.

The practice of thankfulness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. That’s why we call it a practice: it’s hard, we don’t feel like doing it–and then we feel better once we have.”

Every week we post in our private Pepper Fitness Group our wins from the week. These bright spots can be from all areas of our life. Did you get a promotion? Let us celebrate with you! Did your baby take his/her first steps? We want to know that too. It can be hard to share some of things we are thankful for. It takes practice, but the only way to get better and it IS to practice. So I’ll go first, My BSF is that I have made it one week writing a small piece to you every day.

Now it’s your turn, head over the group and let us know what your Bright Spot is!


We’re all family here. It’s a safe place. Look within, and start your weekend happy.