What if I told you that for 1 hour day 4-5 days a week you could possibly spend 5 more years with your grandkids? One of the things that I tell myself when it’s time to work out is “I don’t have the time”. When I meet with new clients or with current clients to discuss goals I hear time as an excuse a lot. A lot of people say by the time I get done with work I don’t have time go tot the gym. I want to spend spend time with my family, it would be selfish of me to go to the gym rather than home to see them. My question to you on that one is, aren’t you being selfish by not taking care of your health and wellness to live as long as possible? If you took 3-5 hours per week to exercise now, it will lead to more years at the end of your life. If we change our mindset to look at fitness this way we would get to see our grandkids grow older, spend more time with great grand kids, or even have the possibility of being able to spend yeas with great-great grandkids. To me I think this is the ultimate family oriented person. Planning now for the future that you want to have.

Here a few things that you can do now to add exercise to your routine
1. Learn and Play new sports – get outdoors and play. Learn and practice a new sport or spend time with kids teaching them a game or sport that you enjoyed as a child. I used to love playing kick the can as a kid. I can’t think of any other time in my life that I had more fun running, jumping over the neighbors dog trying to bite me, through the sprinkler in Mrs. Wendts’ yard, across the street and with one giant swing of the leg sending that can flying with swift kick.
2. Commit to another person – find a gym buddy. When two of you go into it together you will be more likely to follow through and stick with it. No body likes to let a friend down. Those days when you just don’t feel like that friend will walk in your door, turn off your computer, take it with them, and say “you can have this back in 45 minutes”. Yup, that happened to me a couple years ago with training partner.
3. Exercise First thing in the morning – Wake up 15 minutes early and do a quick workout. Not one will this get you adding some fitness to your day, it will get your energy level up and your brain firing on all cylinders for the day.
4. Dancing – You bet this exercise. Grab your dancing shoes and go check out an adult dance class. Most towns have a dance studio that offers classes for adults, so look up yours and go try out a class. If you don’t have a dance studio, look up your local VFW or elks lodge and I bet you can find a monthly swing dance lesson on their schedule. The members of those clubs would love to you young springs chickens come swing dance with them.
5. Build a Standing desk – Why to not fix your posture, burn more calories, strengthen your body, and be more productive throughout the day? You may not know it but it’s no surprise that there is a link between sitting all day and early grave.
6. Go hiking – Get outside and go enjoy nature. Walk, talk, and take in all the earth has for us. If you want to make it a little harder add a back pack with some weight in it. (Or pack it with food and enjoy a picnic in the wild with your family) Things like that are memories that your children will never forget and pass on to their kids.
So take one or take them all but all I ask is that you add some level of fitness to your day. If you know some one that could use this, share it with them as well. It is our responsibility to make sure our we do all we can to help our friends and family be around long enough to enjoy their own friends and family.