Did I lose you with that subject line? I hope not because today it’s all about detractions and letting them take over our productivity. The number one thing that I have learned over the past 4 years as an entrepreneur is that you need to have a schedule for your day and stick to it. When I worked as a golf professional I was told exactly when and where to be so it was relatively easy to stay productive. When I became my own boss learned very quickly that no one is checking on me to see if I am actually getting my work done. Now I know I said that the number one thing I learned was to have a schedule, but what I didn’t say is that I have actually followed that advice. I’m sure you as well as I do that it is too easy to get distracted by other activities. Did you see the quiz on Facebook that rates how Minnesotan you are? You betcha that I got 100% on thing. Even better is my Florida born wife got 100% too!

Ok, sorry about that I got distracted when that notification popped up that i had to do it. So let’s get back to this schedule thing. (ok so I’ve gotta be honest with you, even I as write about distractions I just reached for my phone when it vibrated with a new instagram notification). I know that you’ve experienced all of this in your daily life before, but what can we do take take a step in the direction of getting some production back in our work day? I think I am the worst at getting distracted easily so I like to do work intervals just like we do when we are in the gym. I will set a timer for 15 minutes and concentrate on one task for that time period.When the timer goes off it resets and I either switch to a new task or allow myself to get distracted for 15 minutes. Surf the net, play on face space, scroll the endless instagram videos, or my new favorite is the Facebook market place. But when that timer goes it’s back production!!! I tend to try and give myself 30 minutes of every hour being productive. As I get better at this I will increase the work time decrease the rest (distracted time).
This little change in mindset about you approach your time will also carry over into your time at home with your family. I now try to put my phone, apple watch, iPad, laptop or any other device away and on silent for the first 45 minutes that I get home. This is not a perfect approach to disconnecting but it is giving me something to work at. I have found that most nights I don’t pick phone back up to scroll the web until after Owen is in bed and I am ready to shut my brain off. By limiting the types of distractions at home our personal relationships will grow stronger, which will help lead to being more productive during the day because we are excited a looking forward to getting home to spend time with our families.
What is your biggest distraction? What is your best way to overcome that distraction? Reply to this email and let me know, I can always use more ways to avoid distraction.