Gymnastics training is one of the primary pillars of CrossFit Training and our new CrossFit Gymnastics WOD is a weekly (Wednesday 6:30pm) supplemental training program based on proven gymnastics strength, conditioning and skill development designed to help our members excel in their CrossFit Training.

Gymnasts are known to be extremely well rounded athletes and incredibly coach-able because of their awareness of their own bodies, mechanics, and capabilities. As such, Gymnastics demand athletes to be highly technical, and by training with the proper mechanics in gymnastics our athletes will be able to work at peak performance for longer periods of time during their CrossFit workouts.

PRS’s Gymnastics WOD is an excellent assistance program in building and maintaining healthy, powerful athletes of any level, sport or discipline.  CrossFit believes that the skill transfer from gymnastics to running, weightlifting, and all sports is key to an athlete’s success, and our Gymnastics WOD is here to help you train, learn, and apply this knowledge to your CrossFit Training.

If you are serious about improving your CrossFit performance, you should strive to incorporate our Gymnastics WOD into your training.  Our CrossFit Gymnastics WODs are here to help you understand what gymnastics is, how it can be applied progressively and safely to your CrossFit training, and focus on the skill transfer to other sports.

CrossFit Gymnastics WOD is every Wednesday night at 6:30pm

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