I’m scared…no this is not just to get your attention. I truly have been processing fears and learning to overcome them. Being scared is ok. My belief is that you are not scared or fearful of at least something in your life that you are only hiding from it and not admitting to yourself. We all have fears, we have all concerns, we all have those things that no one else knows. Again, its ok to be scared as long as you work to overcome your fears. What am I scared of? A lot of things! But, today I am telling you about two very specific fears I have been having. As the owner of fitness center it is assumed that I get to work out all day. Well that is far from the truth.

For the past 2 years I have struggled to find a consistent training routine. I would always find “more work” that had to be done before I could work out. Four workouts a week turned to three, then two, then one, until finally i was skipping weeks at a time. I told myself “don’t worry you are still active all day long while coaching and demoing during classes”. Then our coaching staff grew and I wasn’t coaching as much anymore so my activity level declined. I started to gain weight, battle with some internal struggles, thoughts of depression crept in, I lost motivation to complete basic tasks, etc. I’m sure you or someone you know has felt this or is experiencing some of it now. All I can say is this, don’t give in to it. Use it as an opportunity to get back to the basics. When I talk with an athlete about an injury I tell them to work on their mindset about the recovery. Use the injury to get better at something else.

During my hiatus from daily exercise I ended up with a knee injury after deciding a year ago to go for a run. After using the knee as another excuse to not move I changed y mindset. I scheduled knee surgery to have it repaired and then began taking back my life. My plan is to go into surgery in the best physical condition of my life. To do this I had to adjust a lot of our normal movements and modify the weight that I am using during the workouts. The movement that bother my the knee the most is squatting, however the movement that will my lower body stay the strongest going into surgery is also squats. So what do I do about that? Change the way I squat! I went back to the fundamentals of the squat and fixed my squat. Working on the basics found a slight flaw in my mechanics that was leading to extra pressure in my knee capsule. So I fixed it. Coming out of this surgery I will be a better athlete because of the injury. Using it as an opportunity to fix a fundamental will make me stronger after the fact. When recovery is done I will have a more mechanically sound squat on a daily basis.

So now you ask, what does your knee have to do with you being scared? Well I used it as an excuse to hide from what I was really scared of. Being seen as a gym owner who wasn’t living what he was preaching. Now you may wonder what the second fear I said I would tell you today is, well that fear is being scared to put myself out there for the world to see, for the world to judge. This whole process of telling you one fear is getting me past another fear. After my rambling and maybe some words that are nonsense all I ask that you remember is this, IT’s OK TO BE SCARED!! Use your fears to fuel a change in your mindset to get back on your path to greatness.