This program is intended for those serious enough about Olympic Lifting to take it to the next level. This will be 16 hours of specialized, intimate coaching over the 8 weeks. The focus here will be on building motor pattern through deliberate repetition.

“Practice makes permanent”

Date: June, 5 2017
Fee: $200
Limited to the first 10 athletes to register

What You Get:

-8 weeks of weightlifting programming, done 3 days each week (we recommend not consecutive days)

-Unlimited video review by Coach Alex/Barry via FB Group

-In person coaching by Coach Alex 2 days/week at specified times.
***Wednesday & Friday 5:30-7:30pm***

-Priority use of weightlifting platforms/equipment during open times. 

-End 8 week intro cycle with group max out session/mock meet/local meet!


Learn Technique.

Improve Mobility.

Get stronger.

Learn proper recovery habits (Nutrition program is great supplement to support recovery and fuel your body for the heavy stimulus.)

Learn to adapt to a full weightlifting program and learn about the sport!

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