Want to run your first 5k this year?

Just want to go outside and find some sun? This is for you.

The biggest hurdle to running for most people (other than hurdlers!) is the fear of pain. Running is great exercise: do it right, and you’ll love it. Do it wrong, and it can limit everything else you do! Like any other skill, it needs to be practiced with good technique under the guidance of a coach. Build up slow, with good form, and you’ll virtually float by. Do it the ‘other’ way, and your knees will hurt; your shins will throb; your feet will cramp.

Max Peterson has been through it all. He’s worked with veterans and beginners alike and has done his share of running! (Marathons to 50km Ultras) He’s also a TON of FUN.

Gather with your friends, and tackle Parris Island and of the most fun 5k of the year, Beaufort Waterfest 5k …one hundred meters at a time. If you can walk, you can run!! No running experience? He’s got you covered! Looking to PR your best 5k time? A plan is the best bet.

Our Couch to 5k Group sells out EVERY YEAR. Reserve your spot early. 

Saturday mornings at 7:30am, starting April 22nd.

5 Weeks, including group runs and homework to do on your own.


A fantastic group that makes a big difference. 

Sign up Below!!!


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