Thursday, May 18, 2017
A) Warm-up, 10:00
Get athletes in a circle with one medball:
– Have athletes introduce themselves to one another
Then stand in circle and toss the medball. The athlete has to say the person name they are tossing the medball to.
– Play this game for 5-6:00 then complete:
50 Single Unders
40 Mountain Climbers
20 Air Squats
100m Run

B) Mobility, 5:00 
Tissue Work, Foam Roll x 10 slow passes each spot:
– Lats
– IT Bands
– Lats (twice)
– Thoracic Spine

C) Conditioning, 30:00
Every 6:00 x 4 Sets:
Run 400 Meters
25 Air Squats
50 Double Unders

L2: (60s of Double Under Attempts)
L1: (Less than 400m Run) (75 Single Unders)
Score = Fastest Split

D) Finisher, 10:00 
Front Rack Carry: Accumulate Distance with a partner in 50 meter intervals in 8:00

E) Extra Credit, 5:00
2:00 Side Plank or Stir the Pot on a Physioball

Training Intent
– Metcon: Athletes should have more than 2:00 rest after each set. Advise athletes to start slow and see if they can improve their split each round. This workout is highly dependent on running and double under ability.

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